Moving Right Along! 

Hey Guys!

A lot has happened since my last update on my page. I've moved full time into an RV to make travel easier between shows, and to keep the bills down so I can afford new music! I've been doing lots of co-wrties, and I have recently started tracking a new song called Dark Side with a guy named John Denosky. He and I wrote the song together, and I plan to release it sometime this month. It's nearly finished. I'm so excited to be back in the game of writing and releasing music. I've also branched out into the Louisville area to play, and I'm currently working on new locations. It's all a process, but things are coming together nicely. Any free time I have is now devoted to writing new songs and new material. I hope to check back in with more exciting news soon!


Back to Chicago!  

Hey Chicago friends! I will be back in your area in the beginning June 2nd through June 4th! I will be at 115 Bourbon Street, O'Rourke's Office, Bub City (Chicago),  and Blackthorn Pub! Click on the Shows page to find the dates and times of each venue! I can't wait to see you guys! -Kristin

Chicago Weekend Coming up! 

I am excited to announce that i'm making Chicago a more frequent place to stop! I'm playing Bourbon Street, Umami Burger, O'Rourke's office, and Reilly's Daughter on this run Feb.26th-28th. Hope to see some of my new friends up there, and Im excited to be coming back for the 3rd time!

New tracks on the way! 

I started recording my new EP, currently on song #2. Its very refreshing to get these songs off the notebook and into tracks for you to hear! So much of what you will hear is from life experience. 

Back to the writing block! 

In between touring, writing, and recording with Darling Parade, I have been working on some new songs to record and release acoustically. I am currently performing acoustically at various wineries and live music venues.